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City Hall

or the Loggia

Balcony Bar!



for your

next pARTy!

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Over 300 beers

over 70 taps

6 bars

7 days/ ngts

200+ artists/ mo

Mon. - Fri. 3-8pm

$1 off

Premium Wells &

Draft Beers

Domestic Bottles $2



$3 off on HH


14" Guinness-Crust





Don't be afraid little musician,

I won't bite.

If you're a band looking to play

at Preservation Pub, Scruffy City Hall, the Market Square Speakeasy, or even on Historic Market Square itself:





Please include

specific dates you are available

in subject line of e-mail

(Sun-Thu are your best bet ;-)

& the following in the body of your message:

home base,

how many are in your band,

three-word description of your music,

how many sets/ how long you can play (well),

local bands that want to play the show with you,

fast links to songs and videos.

Please do not call the Pub. 


I only book through email.









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Schedule of Events



Preservation Pub is located on beautiful, dynamic

Historic Market Square, Knoxville


For over 21 years, for the enjoyment of locals and visitors alike,

we've been developing historic buildings and opening exciting shops,

restaurants and bars in Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee.


Currently, we own and operate a close family of businesses

on Historic Market Square, including

Preservation Pub, Knoxville Uncorked,

Earth to Old City, and now Scruffy City Hall.


We offer some of the best choices in the region for

dining, locally crafted beers, unique shopping, and

a wide variety of bars featuring unbeatable ambiance and nightlife.


Add to that three intimate stages hosting over 200 artists per month,

our convenient location in the epicenter of the newly revitalized Historic Market Square,

the fact that we are locally owned and operated,

and we think you'll join us in repeating our mantra:


Keep Knoxville Scruffy!





Scruffy City Hall!

(our 350 occupancy Music Hall, 2nd Floor Balconies, 40 Beers on Tap)



Preservation Pub:

Our summertime fan-misted MOONSHINE ROOF GARDEN

is the FIRST space of its kind in Downtown Knoxville history,

and includes The Magic Beer Tree,

and a romantic deck overlooking Market Square under the sky and stars.

Our 2nd floor SpeakEasy

is NON-smoking, has Knoxville’s Happiest Hour,

contains our kitchen & most-comfortable seating,

hosts 1st Friday art shows, & great entertainment every evening 7pm-10pm

8pm Sun: Upstairs Underground Comedy,

8pm Mon: Geeks Who Drink Trivia with Prizes,

7pm Tue: $2,000 K-Town Showdown Open-Mic.


Our 1st floor SmokEasy

contains Knoxville’s most-Smokin bar scene (80+ bands per month),

with a great selection of amped and eclectic music

EVERY SINGLE NIGHT from 10pm til late night,

and the Hoppiest Hour in town.